The Problems Caused By Inadequate Insulation

Did you know that 90 percent of the homes in the United States are under insulated?

Inadequate insulation is obviously a common problem in the United States. Even if your home is insulated, it might not be insulated properly, and that can lead to many issues. The following is a list from our insulation contractor in Houston of just a few of the many problems that are caused by inadequate insulation:

#1. Poor Temperature Control

Does your home always feel too hot or too cold no matter what temperature you set the thermostat on? This is a surefire sign that you have poor insulation. Without proper insulation, the conditioned air will seep through tiny openings throughout your home, but luckily, spray foam insulation can greatly improve the temperature control in your home.

#2. High Energy Bills

When the conditioned air in your home escapes into the outside world, not only does it lead to an uncomfortable temperature in your home, it also leads to high energy bills. HVAC systems in homes that aren’t properly insulated have to work a lot harder than HVAC systems in homes that are properly insulated, leading to higher energy bills on a monthly basis.

#3. Poor Air Quality

Just as the air in your home can escape through small openings in your home, airborne allergens can get into your home through those openings as well. Insulation helps to enhance your home’s air quality by keeping allergens and pollutants outside!

These are just a few of the many problems that can occur due to inadequate insulation. Is your home one of the 90 percent that is under insulated in the United States? Contact us at Eskimo Insulation today to start fixing the problems caused by insufficient insulation.


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