Spray Foam Roof & Attic Insulation

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The difference between spray foam and conventional insulation is spray foam is installed on the bottom ROOF DECK and Regular insulation is installed above the ceiling in the ceiling joist. The advantage of installing insulation at the roof deck is the heat is stopped before it ever reaches the inside of the building. The advantage to the insulated attic is all of your appliances are now protected.


Roof & Attic Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

In the summer time a roof can reach temperatures exceeding 200*, if you don’t insulate between the roof and space below that heat is transferred heating the space below to 120*-180*. If you’re A/C is sized properly it should cycle. When it cycles it will be sitting in that 120*-180* heat. When the unit turns on it will be pumping the house-building full of hot air for the first few minutes creating more time and energy to re-cool the living space.

Spray Foam applied to the roof deck eliminates this excessive heat.

Eskimo provides more facts and answers to frequently asked questions about your roof and attic spray foam insulation projects.

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