Building & Fire Code (IBC & IFC)

building codes

Ensure Compliance with Spray Foam Insulation

Every residential and commercial building must be insulated in certain places to specific minimum levels in order to meet local building and fire codes. These codes are designed for safety purposes to protect occupants against the risk of fire. At Eskimo Insulation, we can help ensure your building’s insulation is compliant with local building and fire codes. We use a cutting-edge spray foam insulation to insulate all required spaces to proper levels, including:

Our team takes the time to carefully review all local building and fire codes to make sure the insulation is installed correctly the first time.

Spray Foam Products That Pass Strict Fire Testing

Our spray foams have been shown to pass rigorous fire testing when using a proper ignition barrier. We use ignition barriers that meet the international and local building code’s specific requirements for spray foam insulation and that contribute to helping buildings earn an energy efficient rating.

Protect Your Project by Ensuring Code

Compliance It’s absolutely essential that you make sure your building is fully compliant with all spray foam insulation codes. Eskimo Insulation can ensure code compliance to keep your project from being at risk. We serve the Greater Houston area and all of the United States.

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