Featured Commercial Projects


AT&T 50,000 Sqft Parking Garage

  • Location: Austin,TX
  • Insulation Type: Closed Cell Foam
  • Additional Project Info: After the foam was applied, a thermal barrier paint was applied.

180,000 Sqft Above Ground Hospital

  • Location: Galveston,TX
  • Insulation Type: Closed Cell Foam
  • Additional Project Info: Demoed the K13 that was falling down, reapplied closed cell foam, thermal barrier paint, and final exterior grade top coat.

30,000 Sqft High Security Refinery

  • Location: Laporte,TX
  • Insulation Type: Closed Cell Foam
  • Additional Project Info: Closed cell was applied to a maintenance and office building.

High Security Ship channel Refinery

  • Location: Laporte,TX
  • Insulation Type: Open Cell Foam
  • Additional Project Info: Open cell was applied for his high security job within a refinery.

9 Story Hospital Temporary AC Ducting

  • Location: Downtown Houston
  • Additional Project Info: 2″ closed cell on top of the roof of the building of a Downtown Houston hospital

A HUB Certified Company

It is our mission to provide customers with a quality spray foam application using the best materials at competitive prices. To accomplish this Eskimo Insulation only uses open cell and closed cell spray foam products made right here in the USA.

Safety is our #1 Priority

Eskimo takes the safety of its staff and clients very seriously. Following OSHA guidelines and customizing a “job site specific safety plan” is key for Eskimo Insulations’s continued success and safety record. Eskimo believes completing jobs safely and efficiently are what it takes to sustain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Eskimo Insulation is a family owned and operated company with roots as deep as the heart of Texas. Our number one priority is quality work at competitive prices. We are located near Houston, TX and have been serving Houston and its surrounding areas since 2006. Eskimo Insulations is one of the top spray foam insulation contractors in the city. Let our team help you with your next project.

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