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Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Fiberglass Part 2

Luckily, fiberglass is no longer your only option.  Fiberglass has been incredibly popular for a long time, but with spray foam insulation, you no longer have to rely on fiberglass to insulate your home. While it’s true that fiberglass is cheap and easy to install, it also has many disadvantages. Learn about a couple of… read more

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Fiberlgass

Don’t rely on fiberglass for your home’s insulation needs.  Since the 1930’s, when fiberglass was originally developed, it has been the go-to insulation for people everywhere. In fact, fiberglass is still incredibly popular. After all, it is easy to install and cheap. However, fiberglass has many downsides, and before you take steps to insulate your… read more