Keep These Summer Pests Out of Your Home With Insulation

Did you know that our insulation contractor in Houston can help keep summer pests out of your home?

In many of our past blogs, we’ve touched on how much energy spray foam insulation can save you in your home, as well as how it can increase your comfort. There are so many benefits to using spray foam insulation, but one of the least known is pest control. That’s right, spray foam insulation can actually help to keep those pesky summer pests out of your home. Here are a few pests that spray foam insulation can help you avoid:

#1. Mosquitoes

Not only can mosquitoes be pesky and annoying, they can also be deadly. Mosquitoes have been in the spotlight a lot lately because of Zika virus, and with the first infant in Texas dying from Zika right here in Harris County, it is essential to be vigilant where mosquitoes are concerned.

#2. Ants

The higher the temperature gets, the more active the ants are around your home. If your home has fiberglass insulation, the ants can get in all too easily, and when they do, they can be incredibly difficult to control. Some ants, like carpenter ants, can even pose a real threat to the structure of your home.

#3. Mice

Mice have been known to build nests in fiberglass insulation. Unfortunately, many mice also end up chewing through electrical wires and causing other damage. Keep the mice out by properly insulating with spray foam insulation!

These are just a few of the many pests that our insulation contractor in Houston can help you avoid. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more.


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