Keep These Summer Pests Out of Your Home With Insulation Part 2

You don’t have to deal with summer pests in your home!

During the summer, there is a notable increase in rodent and insect activity, and if you have fiberglass insulation, some of this activity could even happen in your home! In our last blog, we went over a few of the summer’s worst pests that spray foam insulation can help you keep out of your Houston home. Keep reading to learn about more pests that you can avoid with spray foam insulation:

#4. Cockroaches

Thanks to increased sanitation, cockroaches aren’t the problem that they used to be, but even though they are now easier to prevent, it is never pleasant to find cockroaches in your home. While they won’t harm the structure of your home, they can spread disease, so it’s important to take steps to prevent them. Seal all of the cracks and holes in your home, including the crawlspace and basement, to keep cockroaches out.

#5. Bees

Did you know that some bees will actually burrow into your home? These bees are called carpenter bees, and they basically look like big bumblebees. Carpenter bees nest in wood that is unfinished or bare, and if there are cracks or holes in your home where bees could get in, you could quickly have a problem on your hands.

Although we’ve touched on several pests that spray foam insulation can help to keep out of your home, there are many more. Regardless of whether you want to avoid mosquitoes or cockroaches, spray foam insulation from Eskimo Insulation can help. Contact us today to get started.



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